A thoughtful, strategic approach to public outreach can help overcome one of the key challenges of water reuse — public acceptance. Stakeholder engagement requires specialized expertise to ensure messages don’t unwittingly reinforce negative public perceptions and that public engagement is sustained throughout the entire project lifecycle. By combining technical and regulatory expertise with industry leadership in communications and outreach, we respond to any water reclamation challenges that may emerge — fast.

Tapia Water Reclamation Facility Water Management Guidance, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, California, USA

MWH, now part of Stantec, completed a guidance paper showcasing a case study in water reuse facility planning where novel stakeholder engagement techniques were used to overcome obstacles and achieve consensus on project alternatives. MWH collaborated with Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) and their Joint Power Authority (JPA) to assess seasonal imbalance of the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility (TWRF), which currently produces roughly 6.5 mgd of California’s Title 22 recycled water. However, only 60% of that available water is beneficially reused due to seasonal demand fluctuations, while the rest is discharged to Malibu Creek. Increasing regulatory requirements have made this discharge practice untenable, so MWH worked with LVMWD to execute a facilitation process amongst the agency staff and key stakeholders in the area. From various proposed project alternatives, two were selected for further investigation, and a preferred alternative was selected for advanced treatment and surface water augmentation. The findings of these efforts, including strategies within recycled water planning and integration, were presented in the final report, which will help both increase the beneficial use of TWRF recycled water and exemplify solutions to communities with similar challenges.

Pure Water Program, City of San Diego, California, USA

MWH, now part of Stantec, provides program management, treatment design and extensive regulatory support services for the $2.7B Pure Water San Diego Program, including oversight of public outreach. The City of San Diego is implementing the North City Advanced Water Purification Facility (NCAWPF) as part of this effort. MWH’s involvement consists of alternative development and evaluation, as well as 10% and 30% preliminary design for two potable water reuse concepts at the AWPF. These services will be followed by development of a Title 22 Engineering Report for permitting purposes, and coordination with an Independent Advisory Panel.

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